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Mostrando entradas de noviembre, 2019

Forum theatre

Last Saturday, the 23rd of November 2019, Daniel Bustillo and Lourdes Jiménez Turza held a forum theatre workshop at dinámica Teatral. The event wasfollowing and completing the one-week training course 'ACTion ReACTion', that they had attended in September.

Eleven Participants, including teachers and young people, from dinámica Teatral were able to take part in the three-hour workshop. At 4:30h everybody had gotten together, and excited chatter filled 'aula chekhov', the room where the event took place. In the first half of the event, the facilitators spoke about the background of forum theater, focusing on the idea behind it, where it came from and it's remarkable effects on society. Some may be familiar with the topic hearing the term 'Theatre of the Oppressed'. This type of theatre focuses on the spectators opportunity to intervene with the performance, as a way of changing the plot or to introduce new ideas. In the second half, the Participants were aske…

InterArts - Italia, Florencia

The general objective of "InterArts - Youth Communities for Social Inclusion" is enhancing social inclusion degree of young population through the use of artistic activities. According to this, social inclusion is identified as the main horizontal priority addressed by the project. Such priority is also stressed by the specific Objective 1 (Identifying and mapping European areas where young
population in marginalised condition is more widespread), which will lead to the development of a
multifaceted research work on aspects, causes, and possible solutions of social exclusion of young
population. "Promoting quality of youth work" responds to the Specific Objective 2: "Developing an
innovative non-formal methodology focused on the role of art for improving social inclusion of young population". Youth workers are the pure engine of the project, since most of the partnership is
composed by youth organisations. One essential part of their activity is aimed at …