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InterArts - Italia, Florencia

The general objective of "InterArts - Youth Communities for Social Inclusion" is enhancing social inclusion degree of young population through the use of artistic activities. According to this, social inclusion is identified as the main horizontal priority addressed by the project. Such priority is also stressed by the specific Objective 1 (Identifying and mapping European areas where young
population in marginalised condition is more widespread), which will lead to the development of a
multifaceted research work on aspects, causes, and possible solutions of social exclusion of young
population. "Promoting quality of youth work" responds to the Specific Objective 2: "Developing an
innovative non-formal methodology focused on the role of art for improving social inclusion of young population". Youth workers are the pure engine of the project, since most of the partnership is
composed by youth organisations. One essential part of their activity is aimed at creating and running
a non-formal methodology in 8 EU different territories and contexts. The methodology will be
accurately reported into a training curriculum and an interactive handbook so that further youth
workers could make use of it in the future. "Promoting empowerment" can be connected to the
Specific Objective 3: "Creating a stable network of stakeholders aimed at tackling social exclusion of
young people by means of a continuous and integrated strategy at EU level". Such objective looks to
the future, since the project will gather several stakeholders with different nature and expertise
(cultural institutions, youth NGOs, associations and local authorities) during its very last phase. The
goal is to create an always-open forum where all of these European stakeholders could share their
experiences and insights on young people social exclusion, coming up with new ideas and joint
initiatives. By triggering a process of mutual understanding, comprehension and knowledge,
everyone will be empowered to put in place a set of relevant and well-defined strategies in its