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Training Course: "Labor Harassment And Assertive Communication"

Undoubtedly it is one of ON&OFF's objectives to provide a safe and comfortable work environment for all workers, volunteers and members. To support and properly apply this workplace ethic we had a training course for ON&OFF and Dinámica Teatral workers about the topic of "Labor Harassment and assertive Communication".

On the 21st of December 2019 Alfredo Bastida and Begoña González from Coaching Camp facilitated the workshop in Dinámica Teatral.
It was our shared objective to distinguish between what is and what is not labor and sexual Harassment. In what ways have we hurt people in the past? We wanted to identify past occurrences to get rid of any distrust remaining from these situations. Furthermore it was important for us to learn about the correct communication tools as well as other action protocols that we can establish to prevent and manage cases of Harassment.

Through the training, which was made possible through the money Tripartite allocates for training courses, we learned to talk about the situation of “Harassment” in a constructive and proactive way.
What have we learned?
Pay attention to your speaking partner. Be aware of with whom you talk about what topics.
Delve into the culture of the company and differentiate between personal and business objectives.
Always use non-violent communication. We aquired tools to avoid violence in communication. Follow the rules of assertive communication. Use the tools at hand for managing stressful situations.

To sum up, we obtained tools to use and to teach the eradication of violence in communication in our work environments. We are very happy with the result of the training course and will remain open for further learning opportunities.